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Yeah yeah, another Toreador symbol... I know!
Yeah yeah, another Toreador symbol... I know!
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Nosferatu maskHelen Wilkins header
     Helen  is my very first attempt at creating a character outside of a story/novel situation. I had always wanted to try RPG, and when a friend suggested I join the Melbourne Camarilla to learn more about it whilst playing White Wolf's "Vampire : the Masquerade" game, I could hardly say no.
     Helen, in the world of Melbourne After Dark, was the Branch Coordinator at the Fitzroy Branch of the Yarra-Melbourne Regional Libraries until the night she was attacked by an unknown assailant.  Rescuing her was one Michael daVinci - at the time a local newsagent, but also much, much more

     Before all of this, she'd lived a relatively quiet life, for being of a single-minded nature and not good at "inconsequential chatter" meant that she socialized rarely, preferring to spend her off-work hours at her books or whatever research project she was pursuing at the time. 
     Though the occult interested her, she never truly believed in anything like vampires or werewolves.  It was merely another avenue of knowledge, much like her work in genealogy and local history.  Her perceptions were shattered the night she was almost mugged by a knife-wielding thug - she briefly saw her rescuer as a hideous monster, though at a second look, he was simply a man with a cane. 
     For the first time in her life, Helen began to doubt herself and her perceptions, and Michael daVinci, her "rescuer", used this to his advantage...

     She was made into daVinci's Ghoul - his not quite human servant, addicted to the blood that Michael provided her and which  slowly but surely changed her from the tall, attractive woman she was into something quite different.  Thus when the time came for her to be Embraced into Clan Nosferatu, she was almost prepared for the agony of it.

    Yet, her dark unlife isn't all bad.  She has always been a hoarder of information, a researcher and fossicker of fact, and now she has whole new realms to learn about. And she now has the promise (but no guarentee) of much more time to learn it in than the average Librarian.

Victoria Barrington-Chomondeley header

     Actually an NPC created for Lady Victoria Montague's (her friend) party, Victoria is a high-flying socialite with a rich, older husband she hardly ever sees and barely respects.  She is what is known as "old money", though the Chomondeleys had recently hit hard times and are still trying to fight their way back into the luxury they once had. 
     She has little compassion for the so-called "lower classes" unless she's reminded, though donates much to charity (that's a  fashionable thing to do, darling).  She spends most of her time hob-nobbing with the jet-set, going to parties and tennis clubs.  She is a good looking 35 year old woman with long black hair and a winning smile.  While intelligent, she is rather shallow and has an appreciation for art, fine wine, and opera (La Boheme is a favorite).

The Camarilla is a fan club for the games produced by White Wolf Game Studios in its World of Darkness line.  The World of Darkness setting is copyrighted by White Wolf Game Studios. MIND'S EYE THEATRE, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Vampire:The Masquerade, and a number of other terms are also trademarks of WWGS.