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Mister Jones
    In the Alien films, much is said about the human survivor of the Nostromo, but what about the other? 

    As the ship's cat on the Weyland-Yutani ore refining vessel, Nostromo, it seemed that Mister Jones - or "Jonesie" - had it good.  Free reign on a huge ship, able to come and go as he pleased, as long as he dealt with any tag-along rodents and the enforced imprisonment in hypersleep.  Food, if not always on tap, was available, as the ancient naval tradition of keeping the ship's cat well looked after had translated to the stars.

    If only they listened to the marmalade tom as well as they kept him.

    No one on the Nostromo  realised what it was crewmember Kane had attatched to his face after the exploration of the downed alien spacecraft on LV-426.  They knew it was a parasite of some kind, but the full horror of it wasn't revealed until that fateful dinner of spaghetti...

    Jonesie did.  He kept well out of it, hiding down in the engineering levels.  As his presence was activating the motion sensors, causing them to panic when it seemed there was no need,  Brett went after him, hoping to catch him in a cat box for the duration.  Nope.  I wonder if he regretted his complaint of "stupid cat!" when he realised Jones wasn't hissing at him, but at what was behind him...

    It says something that of the two survivors of the Nostromo incident, only one was human.  Out of seven humans only Ellen Ripley survived, but 100% of the cats got out!  While that human admittedly had to capture Jones to ensure he wasn't killed when the Nostromo was destroyed (though he probably had every intention of ending up in the Narcissus with her - he just wanted one last chance to prove to the human what she was really made of, of course!),  what is most important is he managed to survive through the ducts with no equipment other than cat senses, even though that was where the alien was!
    Ripley was the only one who seemed to realise he could sense aliens before they did (note the dream she had in Aliens where Jones realised what was inside her just before it started to hatch), so maybe he was cutting her a cat-type break by illustrating to her exactly what she was capable of by making her come after him as well.

    Maybe Alien3 wouldn't have had so bleak an ending if she hadn't left him behind.  I wonder if she ever regretted saying the words-

And you, you little shithead - this time, you're staying here!
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