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Vampire Cat
Cats in Horror
     Owing to their so-called "occult" tendencies - having been associated with witches and various superstitions (both good and bad, depending on which part of the world you're from), and even having a religion based on them in ancient Egypt - cats appear in horror fiction more often than in any other "speculative fiction" type.  So, while I can never say this will be a complete listing, I can tell you that this will contain many of the important appearances of cats in horror, as well as some of the more telling ones I have come across in my travels.
Angels of Dark and Light - "The Crow"
Cat's Eye
 The Black Cat
Cat People
     Any others I've missed here?  I'd appreciate your input.  Please send your suggestions to the email link below - I'd like to make this list as complete as possible, as well as as entertaining as possible!
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