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Cats in Sci-fi
     Despite what you may think, cats and felinoids have featured prominently in many science fiction forms, from the Kzinti in Larry Niven's novels, to Mister Jones in Alien and Aliens, to Data's cat Spot on Star Trek the Next Generation.  This is my tribute to those felines, great and small, who have popped up in sci-fi.
Cats; Vorlons or Shadows - the Babylon 5 quandary
  Ode to Spot
The cat of all cats - Red Dwarf's Cat!
The second survivor from the Nostromo
The Kzinti
Lieutenant M'Ress on the Enterprise
Any others I've missed here?  I'd appreciate your input.  Please send your suggestions to the email link below - I'd like to make this list as complete as possible, as well as as entertaining as possible! 
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