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Cats of the Disk - header
As everyone knows, the world is a huge flat disk that is supported by four huge elephants, who in turn stand on the back of a gargantuan Star Turtle - the Great A'tuin.  Reports that Christopher Columbus, amidst others, have managed to prove otherwise are false - Columbus really fell off the side of the world trying to prove his false claim...
...Or at least, he would have, if we were on the Discworld.
As imagined by Terry Pratchett, the Discworld is as described above, and as you may imagine,  things are different - but still hauntingly familiar - to this world.  Magic is rife, the gods are real, as are wizards; and so is Death...
But as this is a feline tribute page, I'll focus on the cats - and the attitudes to them by some of the denizens of the Disc...

The beloved cat of Nanny Ogg, one of the three witches of Lancre.  Nanny calls him a big old softie, but I'm not sure about that description...
Dogs avoid Greebo.
Wolves avoid Lancre because of Greebo's prescence.
He is the undisputed leader of the feline population - mostly because he fathered the vast majority of it.
If it moves - and even if it doesn't - he'll try to play with it, eat it, or rape it.
He is a tomcat that resembles a patchwork rug more than a cat, owing to all the scar tissue he's carrying around.
When times were bad, and there was no other solution open at the time, the witches ended up having to turn Greebo into a human - a scary prospect, given his hobbies!  What he ended up like was a tall, lithe, black haired man with a patch over one eye who oozed a sexuality so thick that it affected people rooms away.  He now has a tendency to turn back into that man when he's stressed (which makes travelling with him on the back of the broomstick interesting!), but at least he can get a saucer of milk from any woman he wants (and a few men)!
"Wwwwaaannt miiiiilllllluk nnnaaaooooooow!"
Greebo as a human

Who would have guessed that Death - yes, the Grim Reaper, the Stealer of Souls, the Hope of the Hopeless - was in actuality a cat lover?  Despite the fact that cats are considered to be second only to elves for being nasty buggers that kill and maim with heaps of style, Death has a soft spot for them - and you've got to accept that it's got to be difficult for a seven foot skeleton to find ANYTHING soft inside!).  They can see him, for one thing, and they accept him.  One of the few things that makes him truly angry (a skeleton has no glands - therefore emotions are fairly rare) is to find a bag of kittens drowned because they weren't wanted.
I knew there was a reason why Death was one of my favourite characters.

Images are from the Pratchett Portfolio by Paul Kidby