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Litterpan Alley
A must for all cat lovers!  If you're really lucky, you might just catch Roscoe at his business!

The Back Fence Cat Club
Talk about cats, read silly (and poignant) stories about the felines that weasel their ways into the hearts of their owners.

Not just graphics (tho' the link to those are on my thank you page); this site has nifty humour, stories and other bits and pieces about the feline species.

Beware of Cat!
Like CatStuff above, but with all kinds of bits'n'pieces like a cat name index and a cyber-postcard service!

Star Trek

The Borg Collective
Be prepared to be blown away by this site; truly amazing stuff.  A brilliant site unafraid to show a touch of humour!

The Borg Collective

Deep Space 4
A Star Trek page in both English and German!  Fantastic site!

Deep Space 4

The Star Trek WWW
Hey, they have FAR more links to Star Trek stuff than me!

Star Trek WWW

Star Trek Nexus
Same with them!

Star Trek Fan Fiction Authors Exchange
I'm not the only one out there - and this is the place to go to have work critiqued before Net Wide embarrassment!

The Official alt.Startrek.creative Web Site
Just as it says - the official home of the newsgroup devoted to Star Trek fan fiction.

Lal's Fan Fiction Page
Star Trek and other science fiction shows lovingly written about - also includes a Star Trek Letterzine, Trekkin' Around, that I just happen to be involved with!

Space Bar
The sister letterzine to Trekkin' Around, save that this one is in German.


Garath's Guide
The mysteries of HTML, computers and the Belgariad all in one page!

The Bradford Robotic Telescope
Situated in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a professional observatory set up so that members of the public can program it to look at anything in the night sky they wish.

The Internet Movie Database
Ever needed to know anything about that obscure actor or director?  If you can't find it here, it's nowhere!

Ain't it Cool News
Insider information on what's happening in entertainment land.

Tongue in the Mail
A Crowded Houser's dream page!