A Heart-Felt Thank-You!
     These pages are dedicated to those out there who 
have shown love, support, have helped (or still helping!), or have simply 
kept out of my hair when I have been buried in my web page building!  
Thanx, guys!

Various and Sundry
To those of you who have given 
me support:
She (The Cat's Mother! Gettit?) - You put up with me sitting at the Beige Monstrosity both day and night and still love me. Thanx!

Tai Boon-Yong - You may not realise it, but all those chats we have about 'puters and how they are used are invaluable to me. You are a veritable font of wisdom - I'm just glad I can tap it without the teasing you give certain others!

Halo & Rococo - You two... hehehehehehe! Without you two driving me to put up the next parts of the stories, I'd have a lot more hair and less of a stomach ulcer!!! No, really; it's great having ppl like you out there cheering for me and the work, I'd probably give up and leave it all lie. I feel honoured to be your chat buddy!

Richard Canning & Sara Hanson - Thanx for guiding me through my first tentative steps as a role-player. If I ever get to be any good at it, it'll be because of you. 

Chaosdream - I hope you respect the fact that while I know your real name, I am not putting it up on the Web for all to read! 8-) Mr International Man of Mystery, thanks for the cheery input, teaching me how to fix up my stupid browser problem, and for showing interest in my stories!

Lal - Thanx for the pics, and I hope you like the use I've put them to!

Yul Talbert - Though we have never met, your pic of Data holding Spot is one of my favourite graphics in my sites.

Alex Heller-Nicholas - I know there's probably a snowflake's chance in some hot firey place of you seeing this, but even though you are the Technologically Challenged One, I wanted a thank-you put in writing somewhere. You're the only one who understands the darker side of this Library Clerk's mind, you were the only one to fill out the questionnaire for the newsletter, even though you weren't permanently employed with us!, and you still have my Babylon 5 tapes! Thanx for the encouragement in my Vampiric endeavours, the scarf, the music, and mebbe one day we'll even get to have that video day/night viewing.

Steffi - Thanx for everything - the idea for the graphics page, the links, the Trek stuff, getting me involved with the letterzine, etc.  Hope to see you on ICQ again soon!

And perhaps most importantly to my cats

Invaluable Contributions From...
These sites have been invaluable in getting these pages looking this good 
(snort!  I am learning though!)  Here I provide a link to each; hopefully they can help you 
get your page looking really swish too!