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collection of Star Trek graphics, and the
voyages of the USS Fairburn, NCC 54576  - the
focus of a joint project I am in the process
of setting up.
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 To all my adoring fans...  By popular demand (well, from two of you, at least!  ;-)), I've reposted my "Helen the Fugly Vampire" role playing page, complete with (almost) up to date (OOC) journals and even a piccie of the Afflicted One!  Librarianship was never supposed to look like this!
Coming soon!  Some of my MUD-inspired stories and various other cool things!

So, what else is there to see? Surely it's not just this page?

Nope, there's lots more - just look at these!

Cats in Fiction
My tribute to the feline contribution to fiction (so far horror, fantasy and science fiction)!

Role playing in the World of DarknessTM is so much fun!  Well, it will be when I learn how!

Kitty Litter
Just who do I think I am, anyway?

No page is complete without the mandatory crawlings to those who either helped, fed or ignored me as I slaved away at the 'puter while making these pages!

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Links to other sites I've built!

USS Fairburn
Set in the time of Star Trek the Next Generation, this is a writing workshop hoping to create its own niche in the Star Trek Universe. Just another little something I've been working on to keep you amused...

i i e e e
A collection of Tori Amos inspired artworks, writings and links from Australian and New Zealand ewf

Star Trek Graphics
A selection of free ST graphics I have found in my travels around the Web.

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Sev Trek header
Sev Trek - cartoon  spoofs of Star Trek. Copyright 1997 by John Cook.

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